Manoj Tiwari let off with warning in a case


The Supreme Court let off Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari in a contempt case with a warning, but said it was “pained” by his conduct as an elected representative of the people of the National Capital.

A Bench of Justices M.B. Lokur and Deepak Gupta was pronouncing its short judgment on the issue whether Mr. Tiwari’s action of illegally entering a unauthorised building quarantined by the the Supreme Court-appointed Sealing Committee amounted to contempt of the apex court.

Mr. Tiwari’s conduct came to light in a report filed by the committee in the Supreme Court.

Taking the challenge head-on, Mr. Tiwari had invited the court to disband the sealing committee and authorise him as a sealing officer. He had even assured the court that he would get rid of all illegal structures in Delhi if the court appointed him its eyes and ears on the ground.

In its judgment, the court expressed its anguish and said Mr. Tiwari, who is a Member of Parliament, should have acted more responsibly. It said the sealing drived is being done as per the orders of the Supreme Court.


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